A web log written by Scott Cooley, a songwriter who hails from the state of Michigan, United States of America.  It features the personal opinions of Scott Cooley in the form of textual commentary about the subject of songwriting, and is where Scott reflects on his experiences with the craft.  Additional topics include music recording and music genres related to acoustic rock and Americana.  Like Scott's music, this blog's posts are typically "first takes" that are rarely cut or edited, so you can expect some verbosity and imperfection.  It occasionally includes graphics and links.  Interactivity includes visitor subscription and comment submission ability.  It is a part of the Scott Cooley website, a.k.a., which is maintained by Scott Cooley.  As of 2021, the purpose of this blog is also intended to replace the now-archived News page of for general announcements, and as such is meant to serve as the single source for newsworthy information related to Scott's songwriting, recording, performance, and music album release activities.

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