Monday, January 10, 2022

Scott Cooley Gets Naked

Finally, works - let me explain

I host this blog, and the main Web site it is a subdomain of, on Blogger and Google Sites, respectively.  As a cost-conscious, figure-it-all-out-myself person, I've been proud that an old guy like me with an English degree could find a way to have my own site available on the world wide web with nothing more than my own sweat equity.  

Fairly recently, I notified you via another post herein of a recent upgrade that made the site work with https protocol for improved security.  So, even if you typed in, or even just the without the http, it would automatically display the https version.  It's a simple change, but one I thought was noteworthy enough for visitors to become aware of.

Also fairly recently, I became aware that it didn't work when someone just typed in, otherwise known as the "naked" domain without the www.  It occurred to me that I rarely type in the www anymore for most websites I visit, and I like that convenience.  Of course I want visitors to my site to have that experience as well.  Now they (you) can enjoy that convenience.

It took me a couple tries with different CNAME and A record entries in the software of the registrar I use.  It took a lot of Googling how to accomplish this as well.  Turns out such a simple-sounding thing isn't so simple.  Not that you'd care why or how, but suffice it to say I figured it out, and it works now.

It was pretty embarrassing when I discovered that not only had I designed a nifty logo that includes the text "" (false advertising), but also that I had listed on various online profiles that probably gave people the impression that I was listing a site that did not exist.  It has all along if you typed in the www part, but now you don't have to.

So there, I've come clean about this oversight, and can confirm the site has existed for well over a decade, and now it's as easy as possible for people to get to.

Yep, really exciting information to be aware of, I know.  The reality is this blog doesn't have many readers, and doesn't have many visitors, but this change is likely to help.  If you're interested in finding out news about me and the music I write and record, you have to find out about it somewhere, and this is the source.

Logically, this blog is the source of updates about the blog and the site too, so that's why I'm letting you know about such an inconsequential thing here.  I care about the visitor experience.  

As for updates about my music, about all I can report at this time is that you can expect more music out of me within the next 6 months.  If I die of Covid or something else between now and then, maybe my wife will figure out how to release the music someday.  If all goes according to plan, as you might've expected, said music will be in the form of yet another full-length studio album of new original songs with me singing and playing the instruments.

Check back for further details and thanks for visiting, and (<- try it)! 

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  1. I tried it... It works! Whew! It's a relief to know I will still be able to get my Scott Cooley fix! Can't wait for the new tunes!


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