Saturday, June 15, 2024

New Music Videos from New Album "Sunrise" Starting to Trickle In To YouTube Channel

I wanted to let you readers know that this week is a good time to subscribe to my YouTube channel because I am releasing several music videos leading up to the release of my new studio album "Sunrise" on Friday, June 21st, which feature songs from that album.  So, you get to hear them early, and for free, with some visual content.

In keeping with my fierce independence, I did the videos myself, just as with everything I do related to my music, although some feature public domain visual content I mixed with my music.  Similar to writing and recording songs, I knew nothing about videos, but figured out how to produce them with free sofware and my own labor on a zero budget.  They are decidedly amateur and lo-fi, just like my music.  

I know people love YouTube and it's a popular and convenient way to listen to music, so I wanted to be sure I offer a few videos in addition to making the albums and songs available on all the major streaming places like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, etc.  On June 21st, the new album will be on all of those, and the new videos will also become available within the YouTube Music service as well, integrated alongside the standard audio streaming of the new studio album (which is why, by the way, I myself use and recommend YouTube Music).

You can hit the Subscribe link below, use a Google account to sign in, and then the result is any time I post a new video, you get a notification.  There will only be about 7 of them.  Then, you'll probably not get any notifications for a couple more years until I decide to release another album again, so minimal fatigue.

It's annoying when artists constantly ask people to like or subscribe or share, etc. for anything online, so I'm not going to do it, but I offer the capability if you feel compelled to boost my stats or for whatever reasons.  Beyond automatically getting made aware of it when there's new content, the main benefit would be feeling like you supported me in a small way, so that's appreciated of course, if you choose to, but subscribe or not, it's free.

So, yeah, like most creative people, I like the creative part, but sort of despise having to do any marketing of my music.  However, it's a necessary evil to at least let people know about the new creative works content when you don't have a budget or anyone to delegate to.  Hence, this post.  Now you're aware there's new Scott Cooley music on the way, and it includes music videos in advance of the official release date.

Subscribe link:

Location (page tab link) of new videos:

A couple of them are live already:

Thanks for reading/watching/listening/subscribing!

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