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Is a Dumpster Fire worse than a Shit Show?

Herein I attempt to answer the question, but I must first caution you that you will be subjected to repetition of a swear word, poor taste, bad judgment, and further, a song that includes cursing, swearing, and otherwise expletive language that is impolite, rude, disrespectful, disgusting, offensive, and yet arguably funny.

Is a Dumpster Fire worse than a Shit Show?

“shit show”:  a situation or event marked by chaos or controversy.

“dumpster fire”:  a chaotic or disastrously mishandled situation.

Let’s look at what they have in common:

Both are situations.

“situation”:  a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs.

Both involve chaos.

“chaos”:  complete disorder and confusion

I might sum up those two by saying both are confusing situations in which things are not in order.

Let’s look at what each has that’s unique:

A shit show involves controversy.

“controversy”:  disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated.

A shit show then involves the public strongly not agreeing with the confusing situation for a long time.

A dumpster fire involves a mishandled disaster.

“disaster”:  a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life.

A dumpster fire then is a confusing situation involving sudden, serious damage caused by one or more mistakes.

You might say a key difference is that a shit show is public, whereas a dumpster fire can be kept private.

You might also say a key difference is that a shit show may not involve damage, whereas a dumpster fire does.

You might also say a key difference is that a shit show may not be someone’s fault, whereas a dumpster fire involves at least one person making a mistake.

A shit show might damage your reputation, but a dumpster fire causes great damage, possibly even loss of life, and someone is to blame.

Therefore, I conclude that a dumpster fire must be worse than a shit show.

So, there you have it.  

This begs the questions:  Can a dumpster fire become a shit show?  Can a shit show become a dumpster fire?  Maybe I’ll attempt tackling these in a future post.

For now, I’ll leave you with a related original song I wrote entitled “Shit Show,” which may arguably become a dumpster fire, particularly now that I’ve made you aware of it.

Contains questionable, inappropriate profanity unsuitable for children.  Now that you’ve been warned, if you’re not a minor, the explicit lyrics (and chords) that I’m not particularly proud of are nonetheless available below the video:

Shit Show

By Scott Cooley, lyrics on 2-27-20, revised further on 4-25-20, music on 4-27-20

G                           D                                  Em                         C

Life is just one display of waste after another until you die

       G                                                D                      Em.                              C

The world’s a stage, a chocolate fudge parade flashing before your eyes

G                                            D                                   Em           C

When you’re dead you’re flushed down a toilet to rot in hell

     G                             D                    Em                     C

Forevermore you’re filthy as you fester in a foul smell

D                                                                                        C                                                G

You’ve been schooled in a cesspool of stools, it’s disaster no matter where you go

               D                                                                       C                                           D

When it comes to feculence, you’re so intelligent, nothing’s gonna stop the flow


Welcome to the shit show

G                        D                                         Em                           C

Life is just one dung performance after another until you die

        G                                        D                                           Em                                  C

It’s already hit the fan, fecal matter has scattered and now it’s covered with flies

       G                  D                           Em.                                C

The only future you foresee has brown corn logs that stink

             G                                D                                    Em                    C

For the rest of time, you’ll dine on peanuts with yellow piss to drink

D                                                                                     C                                              G

You’ve become fluent in bowel movement, total chaos is the only thing you know

                    D                                                                                 C                                       D

There’s no cure for the manure, your vision’s blurred with turds everywhere you go


Welcome to the shit show

G                           D                                         Em                         C

Life is just one excretion exhibition after another until you die

            G                                             D                 Em                       C

You’re about to snap, and all you see is crap flyin’ across the sky

          G                              D                                                  Em                          C

Everyone’s a bad actor, there’s a cringe factor there’s no more poop excuses

      G                              D                                               Em                                  C

Diarrhea gets deeper, life’s a grim reeker, floatin’ muskies and droppin’ deuces

               D                                                                                C                                   G

A septic tank of excrement and defecation, there’s nowhere for your life to go

       D                                                                                        C                              D

An eternal sewer’s your permanent vacation from the world you used to know


Welcome to the shit show

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