Friday, June 21, 2024

Scott Cooley's "Sunrise" Debuts At #1

Chart-topping success marks 12th consecutive debut atop mental list of best new album by a solo artist named Scott Cooley

"Sunrise" (Scott Cooley Records), the acclaimed twelfth solo album from Scott Cooley, has debuted at #1 in the chart in his mind of his favorite albums he has released.  The honorable mention song contest t-shirt award winner's first all-new album in nearly two years, is available digitally now worldwide.

"Sunrise" Chart Positions:

Best Current Album by an artist named Scott Cooley - #1

Greatest Current Acoustic Rock Album by an artist named Scott Cooley - #1

Overall Top Album by an artist named Scott Cooley - #1

Favorite Scott Cooley Album by an artist named Scott Cooley - #1

Cooley and his powerful new studio outfit - Scott Cooley on acoustic guitar, Scott Cooley on bass guitar, Scott Cooley on keys, Scott Cooley on drums, Scott Cooley on marimba, Scott Cooley on harmonica, and Lenore Cooley on accordion - will celebrate "Sunrise" with an appearance at Scott Cooley Music Productions studio on June 21st, and then will embark on an epic world tour, if only in their minds, beginning in home state Michigan, then continuing through the summer with headline dates across North America, Europe, and Asia featuring multiple prominent festival performances.

"Sunrise" - which showcases 13 new tracks - has swiftly accrued critical applause from around the world:

"Sunrise is as euphoria-producing of an album as you're likely to hear anytime soon."  

-Publication name withheld

"Delightfully unlike anything else around."


"Scott Cooley has created something mysteriously pleasing.  The old Scott is still there, certainly, but we're far more excited about what the new one has up his sleeves."

-Imagined major music magazine

"Sunrise is easily one of the most compelling releases of 2024, which furthers Cooley's legacy as one of the few remaining mavericks in music."

-Another envisioned prominent music reviewer

"Sunrise carries the invigorating charge of an artist redrawing his frontiers, reinventing himself in real time."

-Another made up quote paraphrased from a real quote about a real artist by a real music reviewer, plagiarism intended for humorous purposes only

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