Saturday, June 22, 2024

Bandcamp, anyone?

Have you guys ever checked out Bandcamp?  It's a really awesome place to discover music.  Personally, I pay the monthly subscription for YouTube Music and I love it, but I'm also really into Bandcamp.  

The software is designed really well, and their model for independent artists is excellent.  I use it as a fan, but I've also had my music available on there since 2010 when it was new and I became an early adopter as an artist.  Some of you have been loyal listeners for a couple decades now, but I'm not going to call you "superfans" because I'm not out to get all I can out of you by convincing you to buy t-shirts or vinyl remix records or get you to sign up for some fan club app to get "exclusive" stuff that I charge extra for.  

I'm not constantly asking people to just send me money for my hobby on one of those crowdfunding platforms, and I'm not going to make you think you're not a real fan if you don't buy all the merch. There is no merchandise.  I used to offer CDs (thanks again to the proud owners out there), but now I don't offer any physical products at all.  

Yes, there is a lack of demand :), but I'm a realist who knows you probably pay a monthly subscription to stream music (like I do), and whether on your phone, in your car, or on a smart speaker, it's convenient. I know some of you like to use iTunes and have the actual files in your possession though, so I still offer downloading.  I don't charge more for superfan subscriptions, I actually charge way less.  

What if I told you that for five bucks you could get every song from my back catalog - 154 songs I wrote and recorded?  Unlike most artists, I recently lowered the one indie subscription service I offer on Bandcamp - it's now only $5 per year for everything I make...and that includes all of my past album releases.  It's a safe bet in my case because I'm consistently prolific with a new full-length album every two years.  

You can stream it all for free right now because I allow it, or you can subscribe and download to actually own the files...and they come in high quality formats.  You become a patron of the arts!  Similar to throwing a few bucks in a street busker's guitar case, it makes you feel good afterward.  

Or you can just refresh the browser when it prompts you to pay and start over.  Otherwise, you're paying for Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, or Amazon Music anyway, and I make sure my music is there for you.  For less than the price of breakfast, you can own it all.  

You can pay more if you want to.  It would be cool if you did that.  I would like it.  You would have the huge hassle of signing up for Bandcamp fan account, then clicking Subscribe Now.  Your avatar would appear as a Supporter on my page, which is here:

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